Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CT Call


1. Work with at least 1 product released each month.

2. Enable at least 1x per month - enabling can be in the various forums or even pinning on Pinterest, posting on her MbDD Fb page, various Fb digi-scrap groups, etc.

3. Upload layout to at least 3 galleries, 1 of which is SNP. She counts Pinterest & Scrap Stacks as galleries too.

4. Blog about all new released products, whether you work with them or not, as well as any other store events & sales. (Blog codes provided)

5. Be an active member in the SNP forum & private CT forum.

6. Agree to a 6-month commitment.

Send her links to your most complete gallery & blog, and a list of other CT experience.

Email her at (tammy underscore hassebrock at yahoo dot com).

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