Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Sale at Scraps N Pieces!

Storewide sale at Scraps N Pieces this holiday weekend!  Who doesn't like a little more bang for their buck?!  I know I do and at half know I'm going shopping!  Whoot!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stars and Stripes by Word Art World

Today I have a wonderful kit to share with you that is all about being patriotic. Yes, I know it is not July anymore but if you are like me you may still be working on all the wonderful pictures you took that month! It is called Stars and Stripes. You can find it at GingerScraps here
Here is a look at the kit. 
Here is my layout. I used a template from QueenWild Scraps The Good Life vol. 9 found here.

8 is Enough Templates by Memoris by Digital Design

This week was my daughter first day of first grade! I can not believe how quickly she is growing! For my layout of her pre-going to school pictures I used a kit from Scrappin Serenity called Autumn Days. It releases at Scraps N Pieces on September 1st. I used a template from Memories by Digital Designs called Eight is Enough. You can grab it at Scraps N Pieces here
Here is a look at the pack. 
Here is my layout. 

The Good Life Vol. 9 Templates by QueenWild Scraps

The latest Good Life template set is available now! The Good Life Vol 9 is more project life awesomeness. I love how versatile this series is and this set is no exception. You can pick it up 40% off today through September 4th.QWS_TGL9_previewSNPweb

HenriettQWS_TGL9_Henriett1 KendraQWS_TGL9_Kendra1 KristalQWS_TGL9_Kristal1 Queen LahniQWS_TGL9_Lahni1 QWS_TGL9_Lahni2 Sheri CatherineQWS_TGL9_SheriCatherine1 TeresaQWS_TGL9_Teresa1 TinaQWS_TGL9_Tina1 QWS_TGL9_Tina2 TrinityQWS_TGL9_Trinity1

Stay tuned for some exciting news coming soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

State of Mind: West Coast by QueenWild Scraps

Queen Wild Scraps has an awesome new release today. Earlier this year, the monthly SNP store collab was a desert themed kit and Lahni had made some state templates as her portion of the collab. A number of the girls on the CT told her she needed to make more like that with all the states. And that is how State of Mind: West Coast came to be. Don't worry if you don't like these states, Lahni has enough State of Mind template sets planned to cover all fifty states. You can pick up State of Mind: West Coast today through August 28th for 40% off.
QWS_SOMWC_previewweb 2014-Wild-Princess-Header

HenriettQWS_SOMWC_Henriett1 QWS_SOMWC_Henriett2 JenniferQWS_SOMWC_Jennifer1 QWS_SOMWC_Jennifer2 KristalQWS_SOMWC_Kristal1 Sheri CatherineQWS_SOMWC_SheriCatherine1 QWS_SOMWC_SheriCatherine2 TeresaQWS_SOMWC_Teresa1 QWS_SOMWC_Teresa2 TinaQWS_SOMWC_Tina1 QWS_SOMWC_Tina2

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Temptations Vol. 33 Templates by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fantastic template set for you this week!  Temptations 33 is 30% off through August 28!
Check out the awesome layouts our creative team made with this set!
Did you love the layouts made with Sassifrass?  Go grab it and make some layouts of your own!  It's 50% off this week!  Whoot!
Wt_Sassifrass_full_snp copy
Don't forget to check out the Super Saturday Sale this week at SNP!  Wendy's got 3 fabulous kits for just $2.00 each!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Circles and Scallops Vol. 5 by QueenWild Scraps

Queen Wild Scraps has a new set of templates this week. Circles and Scallops Vol 5 is super curvy. These are perfect templates for white space lovers, paper hoarders, and excessive shutterbugs. Can you believe that all those people will be happy with four templates? I promise you. Lahni aims to please. QWS_CAS5_previewSNPweb

HenriettQWS_CAS5_Henriett1 QWS_CAS5_Henriett2 JenniferQWS_CAS5_Jennifer1 KendraQWS_CAS5_Kendra1 KristalQWS_CAS5_Kristal1 Sheri CatherineQWS_CAS5_SheriCatherine1 QWS_CAS5_SheriCatherine2 TeresaQWS_CAS5_Teresa1 TinaQWS_CAS5_Tina1 QWS_CAS5_Tina2 TrinityQWS_CAS5_Trinity1

Some of the kits used to make these layouts: Lake Side and Hard Things.

Scrap It To Win It at Scraps N Pieces!

For the last 4 weeks (and the next two weeks) I have been participating in an event at Scraps N Pieces called Scrap It To Win It. Each week you are given a challenge and then after completing it at the end of the week you get a participation price. At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a full free kit! I love these kind of events because it stretches me as a scrapbooker and it is fun to participate with other in the scrapbooking community! So I thought I would share the layouts that I have made so far! You can join in the event at any time so if you want to participate in the last two week you can check out all the information here

Week 1 - Ad Challenge 
I used Just Us July by Wendy Tunison Designs available here

Week 2 - Title Challenge
I used Sophistichic by Scraps N Pieces available here

Week 3 - Bad photos challenge
I used MidWay by Wendy Tunison Designs available here

Week 4 - Journaling Challenge 
I used Gaining Altitude by Wendy Tunison Designs available here