Sunday, August 10, 2014

Helping Hands Template Grab Bag

Sometimes we all need a helping hand.  Our friend and active forum member, Kim, is facing a very difficult time ahead as she deals with her husband’s terminal illness, as well as health issues of her own.  She will be left with a young son to raise on her own and unable to work.  Some designers came together to try to help.  They created a template grab bag that’s just bursting with awesome pages for you to create!
This grab bag boasts 27 wonderful templates (one is a double-pager, so it’s really 28!)  Formats include PNG, PSD, TIFF, and PAGE files, all quality checked for you.  With a variety of styles, there’s really something for everyone here!
Let’s give our friend a hand.  Kim’s going to have some tough times ahead.  We can’t fix her situation, but maybe we can help her feel a little less alone in it!
Here is a look at a few layouts that I created using the templates from the grab bag! 
 The top layout used Better and Better by Jen C Designs and the bottom layout used My Story - August 2014 also by Jen. 

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