Thursday, March 13, 2014

Something Simple Vol. 2 by QueenWild Scraps

Queen Wild Scraps has a new template set releasing today. Something Simple Vol. 2 has simple paper layering and embellishing that really allows the single photo to pop.QWS_SS2_previewweb

AnnQWS_SS2_Ann1BethQWS_SS2_Beth1 QWS_SS2_Beth2 HenriettQWS_SS2_Henriett1 QWS_SS2_Henriett2 JenniferQWS_SS2_Jennifer1 KendraQWS_SS2_Kendra1 KristalQWS_SS2_Kristal1 QWS_SS2_Kristal2 Queen LahniQWS_SS2_Lahni1 MeleahQWS_SS2_MeleahMistyQWS_SS2_Misty1Sheri CatherineQWS_SS2_SheriCatherine1 TeresaQWS_SS2_Teresa1 TinaQWS_SS2_Tina1 TrinityQWS_SS2_Trinity1

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